Why Us?


We are a small team of creative professionals with a diverse range of skills & experience dedicated to helping you succeed by strengthening your digital messaging & outreach.


Our mission is to ensure your website adequately reflects your unique value to attract the right audience & to save you time, money & stress with innovative, intuitive technology.


Our name comes from Philippians 2:4 and 1 Peter 4:10 (2410), which guides us to consider your interests the same way we do our own, as we serve you with excellence and dedicated care.



Most web designers simply place the website wording and images that you provide on your website for you without taking the extra time to understand your goals and partner in your success long-term. Often only larger agencies go this extra mile and their fees reflect that – from $30,000-50,000+!
At 2410 Web Design, we understand the power of why. We go far beyond just pasting your content. Instead, we guide you through assessing why you do things the way you do. This assessment allows us to understand your business well enough that we can really showcase your unique value proposition on your website – help your visitors understand why you’re the best choice for them (or filter out the “bad” ones).
While this assessment can be as simple as a 15 minute conversation during our initial meeting, it can also be more in-depth, revealing areas of inefficiency where we’re able to recommend ways for you to save time and money. We also help you understand ways to optimize your search engine rankings (appear as the top search result on Google, also known as SEO).

Our 6-D Process



Your first step to get started is a free, no obligation 15-minute consultation where we’ll briefly discuss your needs & determine whether we’re a good fit.



Next, we’ll have a 1-hour meeting to learn about your business, industry, long-term goals, and your website vision. You’ll get access to your client portal in this step.



The design phase is where you sit back & relax while we get to work! Once your draft is complete, you’ll be asked for feedback using our site comment tool.



After we make the design edits requested in your feedback, we move into development. This adds functionality to your site, like any add-ons (plugins) you request, forms, etc.



Before launching the new site, we conduct user testing to see how people interact with your site & use that to see if any design or functionality changes should be made.



Hooray! You’re ready to go live! After final approval from you, we make your website public and give you helpful tools & tips to keep it fresh.

Our Team

Daphne Wertz

Founder/Project Manager

As the Founder & Project Manager of 2410 Web Design, Daphne’s joy is gleaning information about your business and industry to make sure your website adequately demonstrates your unique value in a way that appeals to your target audience. Daphne oversees the entire design process and will be your primary point of contact. Having served the needs of Fortune 500 & Inc 5000 enterprises, she is well-equipped to tackle your biggest business challenges, even beyond your website needs. 

“I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit as long as I can remember and stumbled upon web design out of necessity for my own business needs right out of high school. After completing 12+ websites over 15 years, some very complex, I decided to take some courses to further my skills and newfound passion. While I do participate in the design process here, my greatest strength is digging deep to understand how we can help you achieve your business goals through an intentional, committed partnership. We’re delighted to offer you so much more than words & graphics on a page.”

Winlove Docor

Lead Designer

Experienced in website design and WordPress development, Winlove has completed dozens of websites for a variety of industries in the past 10 years. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, he began his design path with freelance jobs on one of the top freelance design websites. He brings a great eye for detail and clean, modern design. Winlove’s greatest asset at 2410 Web Design is his can-do attitude.


Lead Developer (Full Stack)

With degrees in Computer Science/Information Technology plus Web Development and 15 years of experience, no challenge is too difficult for Aris. From design to complex development to security and SEO, his expertise ensures that no stone is unturned with your digital needs. Aris’ greatest asset at 2410 Web Design is his ability to quickly find solutions for complex issues, on budget and on time.